About Me

Hello, my darlings! I am Michelle Francisco. I am a Leo and that explains a lot.

Michelle Francisco products are all personally designed by me during my free time wherever I am in the world. When I’m in the mood and inspired, I usually get to design more and post new items here. Because of this, no two items are identical. Not even the sizes of the logo are exactly the same. Sometimes, I even change the logo and product labels whenever I feel like it because I don’t want everything to be so exact, calculated and boring. So whenever you buy an item, you’re buying a part of my mood or memories during the time I designed it. For me, that’s what makes my products special because it’s very homey and personal. There is a story in each one of them.

I am actually just having fun here with what I am doing. I love wearing beautiful and comfortable clothes ever since I was a little girl so I am so happy to be doing this and sharing them with you all. I admit I am not an expert in putting on make-up on a daily basis but I’ve always dreamed of having my own cosmetics, skin care and clothing lines. A dream come true.

Thank you for loving my brand. Enjoy my products.

Love always,

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